About Us

AlphaNexa, A Powerful Vision With a Strong Mission.

AlphaNexa is a young but incredibly fast growing company with a singular intent of bringing a healthy revolution in the food products we use.

Intelligent Indulgence is what we call it.

Born out of the need of the decade, visionaries at AlphaNexa realized that with supersonic advancement at it’s peak in every sphere and walk of life, there is a titanic need to marry good health, thought and technology in order to make healthy and good living easy to adopt.

Our Vision for ourselves as a company cannot be separated from our mission and hence our Vision and Mission

At AlphaNexa, our mission and visionis to help people make healthier food choices without compromising on taste and have atleast one of our products in every home of the countries we choose to launch in.

Healthy eating, yet uncompromising on taste is the revolution we intend to bring with our range and hence our flagship range was sweeteners (sugar substitute), REPLAZE, to be pronounced like the dictionary word Replace, which means ‘take the place of’.

AlphaNexa gently urges the world to make wiser food choices and make small changes that will go a big way in helping you look and feel better. Isn’t that what we all want ? And that is what inspires us when we research about new products that can be introduced in the market. Can we have sugar replacements which taste just like sugar? Can we have sugar-free chocolates and yet no telling that they are ? Can we have wafer, chips, cakes, waffles, jams made healthier ?

Our mission also includes increasing awareness of the importance of nutrition and correct eating especially amongst the torch-bearers of the next generation, our children and the youngsters.

We're also committed to working with nutritionists, organic farmers and - most importantly people like you. You all help us with ideas to improve our foods, from finding the best ingredients to showing us how we can offer different foods to support your tastes.

We believe that a great product is the world’s greatest advertising and marketing tool and compels one to keep buying it and encourage others to buy it. All we have to do is identify the need, innovate and present.

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