There is so much you can do with chocolate to dish out creative desserts and sweet snacks. Understandably sometimes one gets stuck with limited desserts when the invitee is a diabetic or off-sugar. Well, not any more. Simply go ahead with your chocolate dessert and use Replaze Privilege chocolates in place of the usual chocolate. All you need to know is how to melt OR grate OR create nice wonderful curls of the chocolate. Here are tips on how to do so. For full recipes of No Sugar Cakes, Muffins, CookIes, DoughNuts, Custards, Mousse.

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Melting Chocolate

With melted chocolate there are a myriad of recipes that can be spread out.

Here is how you can melt Replaze Privilege chocolates to create your own “No-Sugar-Added chocolate dipping, sauce, topping or spray.

Chocolate is easy to melt provided you use the right technique and are careful. Do remember that it is also very easy to scorch, turning it crumbly and grainy, and very susceptible to being ruined with even a drop of water. The chocolate will seize and will have to be thrown away. Hence.. Gentle heat, constant vigilance and stirring is the trick, with no accidental steam or water ruining it.

TIP 1: Make sure your chocolate is away from water. Even one drop of water can cause melting chocolate to harden, ruining its texture and consistency. This is called as ‘Seized chocolate’. Seized chocolate won't melt smoothly, even if you stir it for long.


• When you unwrap your chocolate, take trouble to place it in a dry bowl away from the tap, any other water sources or steam from any other source in the kitchen.

• No matter what melting method you choose, please know that even steam and condensation can cause chocolate to seize.

Tip 2 : Low heat should be used to melt chocolate. Overheating chocolate or using high temperatures to melt it can cause it to seize. Overheated chocolate becomes dry and crumbly. So simply make sure you always melt chocolate carefully using low heat, no matter what melting method you use.

Tip 3 : Add a drop of vegetable oil. Stirring in a drop or two of vegetable oil to seized chocolate can sometimes save it from having to be thrown out, if only a small portion has seized. This should help restore moisture to the chocolate.

Tip 4 : Keep your dipping items ready while you melt your chocolate. Chocolate cools and hardens quickly after it melts, so it is smartest to keep your dipping items ready so you can coat them as soon as you have the melted chocolate. So,Make sure the fruit you are using has already been washed and stemmed and DRIED !!!. Remember…Pieces of wet fruit could cause the chocolate to seize so towel dry your fruits like strawberries, blueberries.

• Once the fruit or crackers are dipped, lay them on waxed paper or parchment paper. Place it in the refrigerator when you are finished dipping. The chocolate won't stick to the paper once it has cooled and hardened.

METHOD 1 : Heat Replaze Privilege directly over your Stove/ cooker, but at a very very slow temperature, stirring it continuously and avoiding even a drop of water to drop in. Stop eating when you are happy with the consistency.

METHOD 2 : Create a double boiler. Double boilers are great for melting chocolate because they heat the chocolate indirectly. This way it is easy to keep the melting temperature low and controlled. Fill the bottom part of a double boiler with a couple of inches of water and set it on the stove. Heat the double boiler over medium-low heat. After a few minutes, the bottom layer of Replaze Privilege chocolate will begin melting.

• If you don't have a double boiler, you can make one.

• Find a medium-sized pot and a smaller one that fits inside. The fit does not essentially have to be perfect, but it is easier to control the boiler if the smaller pot is just a few inches smaller than the larger one.

• Fill the larger pot with a few inches of water and then place the smaller pot inside the larger pot, so the bottom of the smaller pot is submerged in an inch of water. Please take utmost care to see that the boiling water should not come close to reaching the brim of either pot.

• Be careful not to splash water into the smaller pot, which will hold the chocolate.

METHOD 3 : Simply, Place the chocolate in a microwave. Any plastic, glass or ceramic bowl or mug, which is microwave safe will work well. Make sure you Don't over fill the dish with chocolate. You can always melt a little more Replaze Privilege chocolate if you need it in small batches. If you wish, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil per cup of chocolate pieces. This ensures even melting and helps prevent the chocolate from seizing, but it may affect the taste.

How to

Grate & Shave Chocolate

1. Use a handheld grater or zester or the smallest holes on a box grater. Make sure your chocolate is just out of the refrigerator. If the temperature in the room is warm and upon holding the chocolate it starts to soften, you may not be able to grate it to satisfaction.

2. Use a vegetable peeler to shave chocolate. Start at the narrowest side of the chocolate to create smaller shaved pieces and curls.

3. A peeler will not give you fine shavings but more like "medium" shavings. Simply hold the chocolate firmly in place on a non-slip surface and peel down the edge of the chocolate. The shavings will start to peel off. The angle that you give to the sharp edge will decide the size of the curls. Many prefer small curls sine they come uniformly.

4. Purchase a chocolate mill. Preferably choose one made of stainless steel. Easy to use, clean and will last years or years. Simply put chocolate chunks or chips into a mill and turn the crank for fine flakes. Easier, eh ?

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