Dark Chocolate with Stevia

Intense, rich, gratifying and simply superior chocolates sweetened with Stevia. And yet connoisseurs of food could not make out that no sugar has been added in our chocolates.

Swiss Dark


The quality of a chocolate depends on two things. The quality of it’s ingredients and the precise art of making perfect chocolates. Well, we have mastered both.

The best things in nature have been used by someone around the world from centuries. Stevia plant is one such example. Natives of South & Central America have been using the Stevia plant for many generations to sweeten their beverages and sweet treats. One single leaf of this tree has the sweetness that can replace sugar in your deserts.

And we thought what a great way of creating sugar-less dark chocolate. And that’s exactly what our chefs bring on a platter for your palette. Stevia sweetened dark chocolate.

The finest, highest grade, cocoa beans planted on the benign soils of Ghana, ripened by the sun kissed weathers, plucked at the time that the pods are ready, fermented to precisions, roasted to perfection and finally powdered and added in cocoa mass. But you don’t have to bother about all of that. Simply hold the bar in your hands, inbox it, peel open the silver foil, break a square and then sit back to relish the deep flavours of finest Swiss chocolate.

But we have a little suggestion. Read the box carefully and go through the ingredients list. That’s the only way for you to tell that these chocolates are sugar-less. Or else these simply superior, smooth and scintillating chocolates will have you guessing whether they are truly crafted by adding no sugar in it.

By the way, have you heard of the numerable health benefits of chocolate including the huge no. of anti-oxidants it contains, it’s positive effects on blood pressure, improving blood flow, good for the brain, tooth enamel, high in vitamins and minerals and bursting with anti-oxidant. But then there are people who believe in Replaze Privilege purely for the blissful experience.

Guess Shoes and chocolate have a lot in common. The more you have the happier you are.

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