Swiss Milk

“Original, classic, smooth, undisturbed by nuts and yet NO SUGAR ADDED, meant for a chocolate lover who would like the finest Swiss taste of chocolate uncompromised by lack of sugar.

Swiss Milk

What goes into the making of Replaze Privilege SWISS MILK : Precision goes in the making of this fine chocolate which is our Chef’s classic offering to the world. Our Maitre’d’ Chef is a perfectionist and hard to please. Endless experiments and batches have gone in to finally hit upon the recipe for Replaze Privilege SWISS MILK chocolates. And the greatest of critiques call it ‘Crafted to precision’.

The highest grade of milk collected from the Swiss lands, premium hand-picked, full flavoured cocoa beans from the lands of Ghana, and sugar-taste-alike sucralose for that perfect sweetness makes this bar of chocolate a simply irresistible and yet healthy choice amongst all.

Need more reason to eat our chocolate.

How about health benefits ? :: Cocoa, revered centuries ago by the Aztecs and Mayans as the ‘food of the gods,’ is now being worshipped by modern science.

Two recent independent studies at Harvard and another from Cambridge, published in the British Medical Journal, have found that cocoa is a super food when it comes to improving, among other things:

Blood pressure, Blood vessel health, Insulin sensitivity, HDL Cholesterol

Need more? The sucralose used as the sweetening agent is zero calories, extremely safe, no aftertaste, clean perceptible taste and so similar to sugar, that there is no way to tell.

Little wonder some say…. “Why fall in love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.”

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